[Offtopic] The Vic ICT Minster and VCE students

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Thu Dec 20 19:48:28 EST 2007

"Get the Facts on ICT Study and Take Your Future Further"

Media release - 17 December 2007 - from Victoria's Minister for 
Information and Communication Technology, Theo Theophanous:

"Students topping the VCE today should be thinking seriously about taking 
up cutting-edge study in ICT according to Victoria's Minister for 
Information and Communication Technology, Theo Theophanous. 

"Technology can open up a world of options – across industries and across 
countries so I strongly encourage this year's graduates to consider the 
huge variety of careers available to them in this growing industry," Mr 
Theophanous said. 

"The VCE results have just been released and many students might be still 
wondering where to take their future studies. I encourage them to log-on 
to our youthcentral website <http://www.youthcentral.vic.gov.au/> and 
check out the ICT industry page. 

"From games developers, to engineers, to tech specialists, skills in ICT 
are a ticket to many interesting and exciting professional careers. Few 
other industries are as diverse as ICT and few other skills are so 
flexible and universal. 

"Right now people are using technology to reverse climate change, to 
animate our latest movies, to find cures for debilitating diseases, and to 
help business run smoothly.

"As thousands of students across the state check their scores online or 
via SMS, they are using the technological advances that make ICT experts 
necessary across almost any industry.

"Just a few years ago, kids had to wait by mailbox for snail mail to 
deliver their life-changing results – now they have it all at their 
fingertips. And that's because technology and technology careers are 
everywhere and ever-expanding."

The Brumby Government recognises the importance of the Victorian ICT 
industry, which currently accounts for a quarter of the national ICT 
industry's $23 billion revenue and approximately 34 per cent of the 
national ICT employment."

Cheers people
Stephen loosley
Victoria Australia

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