[Offtopic] DEECD Notebooks

Cameron Bell bell.cameron.p at edumail.vic.gov.au
Tue Aug 28 12:22:10 EST 2007

Is it just me or are you finding that the notebooks DEECD lease are 
struggling to keep up?
I have put a Gig of RAM in the R51 (up from default 512) I have and 
because at any given time I am running a virtual box, a remote desktop 
session for admin, plus email plus online marking, the thing is having a 
hernia. I don't even bother with Clickview videos.
I was thinking of getting a Macbook in the next rollout, but I have 
severe doubts that they would be any better, especially given the 
miniscule partition size you are left with if you install XP as well. (I 
would need 3 partitions to take any advantage of getting a Mac - Ubuntu, 
OSX and XP)

At  least in NSW teachers can lease the Macbook Pro. Would be good if we 
at least had an option of getting a reasonably speccd machine. Many 
users wouldn't need it, but I reckon that if you include all the 
graphics teachers, multimedia, or other "power users" (I hate that term) 
across the state, it could justify a choice.

</ disillusionment>

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