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At 10:08 AM 27/08/2007, you wrote:
> > Hello Stephen -
> >
> > Just for the info for the the few of us
> > non-teachers here - is there a professional
> > association for teachers along the lines on the
> > Institution of Engineers Australia, the Royal
> > Australian Institue of Architects, the AMA etc?...
>It is interesting that the bodies you mention fulfill the role of what
>the union does for teachers, but as Engineers, Doctors, etc are
>'professionals', there is a slightly different focus in their

Maybe there lies the problem - teachers should think of themselves as 
'professionals' too. While the IEAust performed some of the functions 
of a union, they were run by working engineers rather than career 
union officials, and had the broad interests of the members and the 
profession as their focus rather than political or IR matters. I 
belonged to unions (such as APEA, MOA, ASU at different times) that 
handled the industrial matters of the day. Both have a role to play.

As a matter of strategy, a professional association probably has more 
clout and better image than a militant union, and could achieve 
better outcomes for teachers in general by lifting the status and 
public perception of teachers.

comrade Jim

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