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 *National Computing Studies Summit
*I am writing to inform you of an upcoming event that may be of interest to
you. The Australian Council for Computers in Education (ACCE) is hosting a
National Computing Studies Summit. It is to be held on October 4, 5 2007 in
Adelaide. However you do not need to actually be in Adelaide to participate.
Delegates will be able to participate ONLINE via the Internet.

The theme of the Summit is* Open Learning Approaches to Computing
Studies.*Participants will explore ways of delivering computing
studies curriculum
and resources (particularly to rural and regional Australia) via a range of
online technologies and pedagogies. The program comprises a keynote address
(Alan Noble, Engineering Director, Google Australia) and invited speakers
including Dave Heggie, Digital and Virtual Environments, NSW; Belinda Frisk,
Saint Kentergin College, NZ; Richard Kelly, Stanthorpe State High School,
QLD; Peter Ruwoldt, Grantham High School, SA; Lindy McKeown, University of
Southern Queensland.
 Full details of the Summit, including the program, speaker information, how
to participate online and registration details are at* www.acce.edu.au*.

*Pre-Summit Forum
*A Pre-Summit online Forum will take place from Monday 13 August. The Forum
will enable computing studies teachers and other interested educators
contribute to a discussion of the issues in relation to delivery of high
quality senior secondary computing studies programs to students regardless
of where they live in Australia.

A chance to exchange ideas with other computing studies teachers, the Summit
invited speakers and other educators interested in .

The Forum has been established on EdNA Groups (*www.groups.edna.edu.au*). To
join the Forum you must firstly register at EdNA Groups. The Forum is called
"ACCE National Computing Studies Summit".

For further information contact the ACCE SiMERR Project Officer - Ian Webb (
ian.webb at ozemail.com.au)

I look forward to your participation.
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