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Sun Aug 12 22:59:59 EST 2007

Hi all,

People may be interested in helping Anne-Maree's research?

 At 11:38 AM 12/08/2007, Anne-Marie Chase wrote:

 I am currently studying at the University of Western Australia and 
looking for schools to participate in my research. I have included some 
blurb below about the research and wondered if you might be interested?  

The title of the study is “Digital Technology In- and Out-of-School:  A 
Comparative Study of the Nature and Levels of Student Use and Engagement”  

A major consequence of the advent of the technological age is that young 
people today live in a ‘techno culture’. Students’ experiences with 
technology outside of school are likely to be at least as important for 
predicting student outcomes as their experiences in school.  As a result, 
any questions of relationships between technology use and student outcomes 
must take account of uses in both settings.  

The overarching aims of this research are to describe and compare the 
nature and complexity of students’ digital technology experiences in- and 
out-of-school within Australia, and to explore whether these experiences 
act as significant predictors of students school engagement.  

It is hoped that the outcomes of the research will help educators to 
better align students’ in- and out-of-school experiences, and thus to 
capitalise on students’ motivation and interest in using digital 

The research involves gathering data via surveys, from students in years 
7 -12 (approx 25 students from any year level). There are four different 
surveys: School, Student, Parent & Teacher.  The questions include general 
background information about the students and their parents and how they 
use technology.  There are questions for the student about how engaged 
they are at school and what they think of technology and then the teacher 
survey asks similar questions about the students levels of engagement.  

In the trials I have carried out the students have found it interesting 
just considering what they can and can’t do with technology and how the 
use of technology for their own use has impacted on their lives.  

It’s a thought provoking survey and if you are interested in participating 
I will be more than happy to provide feedback.

I have received University Ethics clearance and approval for my 
application to the Department of Education and Training to conduct 
research in Victorian Government Schools.  The school principals are 
required to give permission for the research to be conducted in the 
school, and consent forms will need to be signed by students, parents and 

I realise participating in research like this can be yet another time 
demand when as a teacher you already have so much to do, however you will 
all be aware of the extensive technology skill range students develop 
informally, research that can enable us to build on this is valuable to 
both students and their teachers.

If you are interested in participating or would like further details 
please let me know.

Kind Regards 

Anne-Marie Chase 
chasea01 at student.uwa.edu.au
08 6488 2300 or 08 9204 1695

:-) Anne Marie
Stephen Loosley
Victoria Australia

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