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Subject: Fwd: Literature Factory invitation (Second Life)

> Forwarded with permission:)  Please distribute as appropriate. -jh
> You are invited to the grand opening of the Literature Factory at  
> Kula 2 (187,7) in Second Life.  What is a Literature Factory? Well  
> now, that's a silly question, it's simply a factory that makes  
> literature. According to Wikipedia:
>     "The term "literature" has different meanings depending on who  
> is using it and in what context. It could be applied broadly to  
> mean any symbolic record, encompassing everything from images and  
> sculptures to letters. In a more narrow sense the term could mean  
> only text composed of letters, or other examples of symbolic  
> written language (Egyptian hieroglyphs, for example). An even more  
> narrow interpretation is that text have a physical form, such as on  
> paper or some other portable form, to the exclusion of inscriptions  
> or digital media."
> Well, we certainly meet that criteria, excepting the physical form  
> bit, but we hope you'll appreciate the transgression.
> Now, we have things to do and people to see, so we went ahead and  
> automated the factory. The Word-o-Mats runs tirelessly day and  
> night, manufacturing words for the factory, the Bin Bots with them  
> take charge of ferrying the words from the Word-o-Mats to the  
> sorted bins on the other side of the factory.  From there other  
> bots build sentences and transfer them into the new works of  
> literature under constant production.
> We're celebrating our grand opening Saturday with an open house  
> from 4pm to 6pm SLT so drop in to the Literature Factory at Kula 2  
> (189,9,25).
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