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A very good suggestion .. in fact, users can create a dedicated VMWare
windows machine that runs on an external and portable usb 2 drive. Backups
can be done by copying the vmware machine image and the virtual machine is
isolated from the host computer. It is a great approach for a small
businesses owner that wishes to isolate the family computer activities from
their work computer.

Similarly, if users on a windows computer wish to peek a look at Ubuntu,
they can build a test VMWare Ubuntu machine and tinker with this instead or
download a VMWare Ubuntu image to try out.

Many schools are already moving towards this kind of deployment for their
file servers, even enabling a suite of different network operating systems
to run together on the same box.

Regards Roland

On 25/04/07, victor rajewski <askvictor at gmail.com> wrote:
> > So far, Lenovo have sent three emails, from different manager-type
> people,
> > who certainly do appear to be treating these issues as important. As the
> Good to hear.
> > machine, for business reasons, must run MYOB & Excell (so I can continue
> > to pay employees, and maintain their tax and super records) and also run
> > Windows to log the till/cash-drawer system) to avoid problems (haha) one
> > needs to stay with Windows if possible. Otherwise I'd be running unix in
> > a second. (The Lilo dual-boot (Win/Linux) from 1998 still never misses a
> > beat). However, I will keep the lists informed regarding Lenovo
> progress.
> I have recently started using vmware to run windows inside linux, for
> those occasions where I really need it, and the program doesn't run in
> wine. That way you also get around the driver problems. It is not much
> slower than running on 'metal' (I think if you use a fixed-size drive
> rather than dynamic it is faster still). But most things I need run in
> wine
> vik
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