[Offtopic] Thanks .. and two new email client releases.

victor rajewski askvictor at gmail.com
Wed Apr 25 10:01:31 EST 2007

> So far, Lenovo have sent three emails, from different manager-type people,
> who certainly do appear to be treating these issues as important. As the

Good to hear.

> machine, for business reasons, must run MYOB & Excell (so I can continue
> to pay employees, and maintain their tax and super records) and also run
> Windows to log the till/cash-drawer system) to avoid problems (haha) one
> needs to stay with Windows if possible. Otherwise I'd be running unix in
> a second. (The Lilo dual-boot (Win/Linux) from 1998 still never misses a
> beat). However, I will keep the lists informed regarding Lenovo progress.

I have recently started using vmware to run windows inside linux, for
those occasions where I really need it, and the program doesn't run in
wine. That way you also get around the driver problems. It is not much
slower than running on 'metal' (I think if you use a fixed-size drive
rather than dynamic it is faster still). But most things I need run in


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