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Sat Apr 21 22:28:34 EST 2007

Gentle Reader,
Here are my experiences with a brand new IBM Lenovo Notebook
Computer, purchased two days ago (and it left the factory exactly
one month ago) factory loaded with Windows Vista Home Premium.
1. The automatic Register Your New IBM Computer start-up program
window, which pops-up every time one powers-up, FAILS *every* time.
2. The pre-loaded Microsoft Office software (for a 60 day Outlook, IE etc
trial) will NOT accept the Microsoft Serial Number Sticker number, which
is stuck to the bottom of the machine, and will NOT run.
3. The sixty day pre-loaded version of Norton anti-virus, anti-spyware etc
tries to up-date itself with 24 Mb of updates. It gets around two thirds
through downloading recent up-dates, then stops, and takes turns asserting
either my new 80 Gig Drive is full, or that I need to re-install Nortons?
4. The Microsoft Vista auto-update downloads/installs 27Mb of MS security
etc updates, and says it has registered my pre-installed copy of Vista.
But, there is now a permanent water mark message on the desktop asserting
that my factory IBM Lenovo copy of Windows Vista is *NOT* a genuine copy.
Presumably this means that Vista won't automatically update anymore, thus
fixing this problem, and also inevitable future Vista O/S security issues.
5. The MSVista Control Panel window opens with NO visible icons available.
6. I have not installed any software of my own what-so-ever but every time
I turn it on, it takes 5 minutes before I can use it, the hard drive light
stays on with the drive clicking for ten minutes, and then claims that I
have only 61% of Eighty Gig drive-space available. I've NOT installed ANY
of our software.

For comparison, though I've bought and own many computers, this notebook
is to replace a 4-year-old Compaq notebook, with a 4 Gig drive, which was
never more than half full, and which performed faultlessly till it died.
7. Though the computer comes with NO software disks of any kind, of zero
surprise, it has a program called 'PC-Doctor' pre-loaded. This notebook
passes all the dozen or so hardware tests available with this program.

However, it also has a screen that goes blank for 2-3 seconds at random
intervals, very often and with no discernable pattern. Also, frequently
during web browsing, one will be presented with a window inviting one
to 'go online' but closing the window and carrying on browsing as before
seems to work. 

I may be wrong but I think most of the problems are Vista software issues.
So gentle reader, judging from this farce, do avoid the once all-powerful
IBM and Microsoft combination for a notebook and operating system if you
are seeking a stress-free, trustworthy computing experience with your
next notebook purchase.

For what it is worth, as well as the many hundreds of very computer savvy
people on these mailing lists, I am CCing this email to IBM/Lenovo and
Microsoft as well.

Although I don't expect any email etc responses at all, from either of
them. If any response is received, I will email their responses along to
everyone on these lists and so possibly assist you when deciding
computer / OS  purchases next time.

Right now, I think that after returning this notebook for a refund, I'll
buy a new Mac.

CC: Glen Boreham, IBM Managing Director and CEO
CC  Nick White, Vista Product Manager, Microsoft
Best wishes all,
Stephen Loosley.
(A High School IT Teacher for 10 years,
with a Masters Degree (IT) etc .. sigh!)

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