[Offtopic] Artroom Macs?

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Hi Helen and all,

Can anyone with Mac classrooms etc help Helen ?

I'm sending your excellent suggestions for the VITTA
Conference to the Office Helen. Your classroom ideas
sound cutting-edge, and, you've asked good questions! 

I'm certain VITTA will be interested in your activities,
Helen, especially in relation with VELS,  and you may
also consider membership yourself. Meanwhile maybe
someone on this list can help regarding Artroom Macs.

From: Helen Bacon <hb at willihigh.vic.edu.au>
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> Victorian Information Technology Teachers Association
> VITTA 2006: ICT: Imagination Creativity & Thinking
> <http://www.vitta.org.au/conference/2006/>
> Flemington Racecourse  November 20-22

From: hb at willihigh.vic.edu.au

Dear Stephen,

Is there a program for the three days, as l am a secondary Art Teacher 
and perhaps only the first day is of relevance to me?

l am interested in seeing the latest in MAC Technology, specifically, 
where you can use IT Drawing tablets where students can create their own 
Art work, which goes directly onto the computer. 

l'm also interested in Animation that is easy to use in the classroom, 
with Year 7 & 8 students and the latest in Digital Photography and it's 
applications in the Middle Years class room.

l also want to know what are the best Interactive white boards to use 
with a Mac Computer and are they worth having in an Art Room?


Helen Bacon 
Art Teacher and 
Girls Unit Coordinator.

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Cheers all ..
Stephen Loosley

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