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Hi there,

'This Conference is one of the key highlights of the year for Victoria's 
IT education community' ... and it's a nice time of year to be on-course:

Victorian Information Technology Teachers Association

VITTA 2006: ICT: Imagination Creativity & Thinking


Flemington Racecourse

November 20-22

In 2006 VITTA will again invite ICT Educators from primary and secondary 
schools, tertiary institutions, sector authorities, business and industry 
to take part in our Annual Conference. 

Held over three-days in late November, the conference program is designed 
to give attendees an opportunity to see a variety of presentations and 
demonstrations incorporating best practice teaching and learning.

The theme of this year's VITTA conference is, "ICT: Imagination, 
Creativity & Thinking". The theme reflects the changing nature of ICT 
within the school from a stand-alone subject to an integral aspect of all 
learning experiences, with the emphasis on creative thinking, applicable 
across all key learning areas. We plan to showcase new technologies and 
how to implement these in the classroom. 

Sessions will range from specific content-based sessions, through to 
hardware or software specific sessions, offering delegates a selection of 
different options at each session time.

The conference is a three-day event offering a full program for each day, 
and each day having a specific focus. Day 1 has a greater focus on 
Secondary Issues; Day 2 focuses on Primary Issues; and Day 3 on both 
Technical Issues and a Principal stream. Many delegates will attend all 3 
days of the conference. 

About VITTA: The Victorian Information Technology Teachers Association 
(VITTA) is a not-for-profit organisation which provides services to 
primary and secondary Teachers, TAFE and University Educators and other 
interested persons in Information Technology education. VITTA has over 
1000 members in Victoria.

The Conference is one of the key highlights of the year for Victoria's IT 
education community. 

Sponsors and Exhibitors enquiries or expressions of interest regarding 
involvement in the 2006 conference and trade show can be emailed to 
office at vitta.org.au 

Do you have a suggestion for something you'd like to see at this year's 
conference? Give us your thoughts ..

©2006 Victorian Information Technology Teachers Association Inc.

Cheers VITTA
Stephen Loosley
Victoria, Australia

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