[Offtopic] Sending SMS Messages from a PC

Rupert Russell r.russell at ballarat.edu.au
Thu Apr 13 13:46:34 EST 2006

Dear All,

I have just downloaded and installed a copy of Messenger-Pro which is
an application that allows sending of SMS messages from a networked PC.

The cost is currently 5.8 cents per SMS to my Optus handset

The system allows easy insertion of people into an address book.

Names are inserted into groups and SMS messages can be sent to all
members of a group or selected individuals with ease. 

This is the type of system that would allow a school or teacher to
quickly send an SMS message to all students in a class etc.

See:  http://mpro.clickatell.com/index.php   for more details.


Send Bulk Text Messages from your PC Desktop!

Messenger-Pro is the ultimate SMS software tool for global text
messaging direct from your computer. It's the easiest way to send your
personal text messages to your friends, family, clients and colleagues
Installation and testing are free, and sending a message to any mobile
device is as easy as sending an e-mail! A powerful merge facility allows
automatic individualisation of messages to your whole database of
contacts in one easy step. 

Clickatell Messenger-PRO includes a robust Address Book, so you can
keep the numbers of all your friends and colleagues easily accessible
and send to your whole database at the click of a button! The
application further integrates with your Outlook Address book. 

What will Messenger-Pro do for you?

Automatic insertion of names (merge facility) 
Groups and address book functionality 
Import of large databases 
Outlook Address book integration 
Immediate text messaging to global contacts 
History log 
Free testing with 5 message credits! 

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