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Stephen Loosley stephen at melbpc.org.au
Mon Oct 17 16:18:24 EST 2005

Microsoft Online Offers for Teachers


If you are a teacher, click on any of the links to receive your 
complimentary resources!

To qualify for these online offers, you will need to be a teacher 
teaching in Australia, and provide your name, school department (if 
teaching in a high school), school address, school phone number and 
email address in your request.

Please note: Due to limited resources, these offers are only available 
to teachers in Australian schools only. Teachers will be asked to supply 
full contact details to qualify for the offer and Microsoft will be 
following up for feedback. Thank you for your cooperation.

*Learn IT, Teach IT Complimentary CD*

This complimentary resource CD is designed to give Australian teachers 
the confidence and capabilities they need to integrate ICT into their 
curriculum and create a compelling learning experience for students. The 
CD includes the following resources:

Core Training in Microsoft Office and Windows XP, 100+ tutorials 
covering most desktop skills, 60+ teacher guides, 60+ lesson plans and 
interactive modules. Teachers tips and tricks.. and MORE!

To order a copy for your school (click here).  To find out how you can 
apply these resources to your classroom (click here).

*Creating Multimedia Video files using Photo Story*

Microsoft Photo Story 3 allows you to create fantastic multimedia video 
presentations using still images combined with text, narration and 
music. The Microsoft Education website is now offering teachers and 
students a range of Photo Story resources including:

A step-by-step tutorial on how to create a visual audio story in Photo 
Story, to download the PDF (click here). A downloadable and printable 
How-to-Guide for your classroom (click here). Photo Story samples (.wmv) 
format (click here). Photo Story Demo's (click here). For more photo
Story resources (click here).

*Microsoft Student 2006*

Change the way your students learn with Microsoft Student 2006

Microsoft Student 2006 is a new, comprehensive set of essential homework 
tools for creating academic success, in a single package. Microsoft 
Student is a new software package that helps your students gets started 
on their homework projects and gets them past the ?blank page' syndrome.

To order a complimentary copy of Microsoft Student 2006 click here. For 
more product information on Microsoft Student 2006 click here.

*Max's Toolbox*

Max's Toolbox provides primary school students with a kid-friendly 
interface for Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint to promote learning 
in a fun way. This software helps teachers incorporate technology skills 
and enhance lesson plans in reading, writing, and maths while maximising 
your school's investment in Microsoft Office!

To order a complimentary copy of Max's Toolbox 45-day Evaluation CD 
click here. For more information about Max's Toolbox feature, click here.

*Visual Basic .NET Express Beta*

Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition Beta 2 is a streamlined, easy-to-use 
development tool for hobbyists, students, and novices. The Express 
Edition makes Windows programming with Visual Basic fun and easy to 
learn which makes it vital for integrating into curriculum.  Using 
Express Edition with your students is the ideal way to ready them for 
learning IT at tertiary level.

To order a complimentary copy, click here. For more information on 
Visual Basic 2005 .NET Express Beta 2, click here.

*Teachers Intouch - Curriculum Integration material for ICT teachers*

Lesson Plans, Projects, Tips and Tricks and resources developed for 
teachers by teachers. Lesson plans are available for K - 12 in all 
subject areas, mapped to the curriculum with classroom outcomes and real 
and relevant examples. Go to the Free Lessons area to download 6 free 
lesson plans or browse the site for free projects, free user guides and 
free lesson ideas relevant to the ICT classroom teacher. If you like 
what you see then for a small annual fee you can join as a member.

For more information about Teachers Intouch, click here.

Cheers all ..
Stephen Loosley
Victoria, Australia

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