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We have several Acer computers that are on a downward canabolism cycle as we
upgrade them into our leased collection of workstations. These we own so
there may be some parts you can haggle for.


Our lease periods with IBM finance are limited to 3 years so we can use the
onsite warranty to make good all the necessary repairs.


If repairs are too expensive, you may need to catabolise some for parts and
"purchase" the missing or dead computers. Might sound odd but check what the
residual cost is for each computer as they assume if you don't hand them
back that you are buying them.



Roland Gesthuizen - Westall Secondary College



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I am not sure whether anyone can help me -  but I have inherited a number of
problems. The school I am currently working in has 4/5 year old ACER
computers which are still under lease (gasp!). The problem the school faces
is that a number of these computers have died and we need to ensure that
they are in working order before the computers can be sent back to the lease
company at the end of the year. As the machines are so old, it is hard to
source working parts - and to send it to repairs will cost a small fortune. 

I am wondering whether any one has any of these computers and would be
willing to sell these computers as either parts or as is? The specific
models are Acer Power SE (tower case) Acer Power 4300 (desktop case)


Any help would be much appreciated.








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