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David Dawson ddawson at mgs.vic.edu.au
Fri Mar 25 11:45:02 EST 2005

I have been wondering if anyone else has had issues with laptops and Linux
(RedHat) - my Acer 220 Travelmate has it but it needed KDE to run inside
XFree86 - *very* tricky.
Yet a Toshiba  1730 <?> took it easily.
The main issue appears to be screens and onboard video - and win modems
never work without windoze.
Any other laptop experiences?
This is of interest since some laptop schools are considering Linux in the
Are there any Linux labs out there - and how are they going?
David Dawson

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Rod - u r absolutely spot on! thanx.

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Dear List

I am surprised at the anal retentive attitudes of some of our colleagues.
This list is the most helpful and useful tools in the Victorian Education
System. I do not know of any other subject area that is so well networked
with its colleagues. To not share experiences with as many people as
possible and seek advice from as many people as possible is insane.

The funny thing is we all know that even the "enemies of free speech" on the
IPM list will subscribe to this list.

Can't believe that we have had to resort to this......democracy is a figment
of the imagination!

Look forward to sharing any topic with you all!


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