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Hi Roland and everyone else,
The link to this video was first sent to me a few weeks ago and I have bored my friends and family brainless with it. I wondered what the music was - it is amazing! If you visit www.planetchristmas.com they have lots of houses which have been decorated and also those which are set to music, also detailed directions how to do it all - obviously some people are not stuck in exam correction/report writing mode during the early part of December!!! 
I am amazed at how each year the decorations on local houses get bigger and more complex - the people over the road from us used a company of electricians to set up lights all over their house - is this cheating? 
Love the little yellow paper hat Roland! I wonder how many of us computer nerds have secret musical abilities!
Christmas Cheers to everyone. Thank you to all those who contribute, and a big special thanks to Kevork (did I spell it right this time?) and the other moderators - you deserve big cheques in the mail, but alas, a big thank you from me will have to suffice.
Have a wonderful and well deserved break everyone.
Ros Meadows
Bentleigh SC
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meadows.roslyn.m at edumail.vic.gov.au
Home computers are being called upon to perform many new functions, including the consumption of homework formerly eaten by the dog. 
Doug Larson


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  <http://www.flickr.com/photos/35945984@N00/76557857/> I suppose that this has been blogged to death but I had to put in my two cents worth. My sister sent me a 3 min video clip of a Christmas home light show that blew me away. I did a bit of digging about to try and track down where it might have come from and if it was for real. The video of the 2004 production can be viewed here <http://media.putfile.com/WizardsofWinter-SM>  or here <http://www.mypartypost.com/watchvideo/1033/Best_Christmas_Lights_Display_Ever> .

Carson Williams, an electrical engineer from Ohio wired his home up for a fantastic, Christmas light display. He used over 16,00 lights were synchronised to flash in time to the music score of "Wizards of Christmas" by theTrans-Siberian Orchestra <http://www.trans-siberian.com/> . It was reported by Snopes.com <http://www.snopes.com/photos/arts/xmaslights.asp>  that this was a genuine video with even detailed instructions and interviews how this was done. WonderlandChristmas.com <http://www.wonderlandchristmas.com/>  has a splendid website of a 2005 Texas light display with over 22,000 lights synchronized to music and originally hosted the work by Carson.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra <http://www.trans-siberian.com/> 's music has me foot tapping tonight and thinking that I have something else to add under the tree this evening. Time to pop on the paper party hat, grab the sax and belt out another chorus.

Merry Christmas all!

Regards Roland and Family

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