[Offtopic] The New Robber Barons By Robert X. Cringely

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The New Robber Barons IT Has Become an Offensive Weapon for Business  

*By Robert X. Cringely*
In the 1980s, we called them "corporate raiders." In the 1880s, we called 
them "robber barons" -- guys like Daniel Drew, Jay Gould, and Jim Fisk, who 
were the Ivan Boeskys and Michael Milkens of their era. No matter what the 
century, their game was the same, using other people's money to take control 
of businesses and build empires. Sometimes it was legal, often it wasn't, 
but on the whole they got away with it, though at some cost to society. 
We'll get ready to go through it all again as a new era of robber barons 
begins, this time based primarily on the aggressive use of Information 
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