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Mon Aug 24 05:21:57 UTC 2020

Dear PDT teachers

I received a response from Leanne on Friday to my queries re students 
not being able to gain an S for the Unit 4 outcomes if they had not 
completed a finished product. The response did not address the concerns 
I raised, so I have written back to Leanne and asked her to respond to 
the specific questions.

Some of you have asked 'Well what happens now?' I am aware DATTA Vic has 
sent out a survey - the results of this survey may take a little while 
to compile.

Given the urgency of the situation, I thought I would let you know that 
the VCAA has a complaints handling policy and procedure. It is available 
at the link below.


If you feel you have not received a satisfactory response from Leanne, 
then it is important to report this on to the Executive Director of the 
VCAA Curriculum Division, Suzy Chandler. Suzy's email address is 
susan.chandler at education.vic.gov.au

Given the seriousness of our concerns - i.e. students not being able to 
be assessed for work they have not been able to do due to school 
closures and through no fault of their own; and the related equity 
issues raised, you may wish to copy your email to the new CEO of the 
VCAA , Stephen Gniel. Stephen's email is stephen.gniel at education.vic.gov.au.

You will need to include the following in your complaint. (This 
information is from the VCAA website.)

Please provide as much relevant information as possible, including:

  * if you are complaining on behalf of someone else, your relationship
    to that person, and proof of their authorisation to complain on
    their behalf
  * relevant dates, places and times
  * a description of the incident or problem
  * details of any phone conversation or meetings
  * details of who you have contacted previously and their response/s
  * any explanations that you think are important
  * copies of correspondence and any other relevant documents (if
    appropriate) – keep the originals
  * the outcome you seek
  * any other information you wish to be considered.

Having worked at the VCAA for a number of years, I know that it is 
possible to make amendments to study designs and assessment tasks if 
there is a significant problem. It is up to the relevant curriculum 
manager to outline the issues and put forward a convincing argument to 
the various committees of the VCAA for the need for changes to be 
approved. Earlier in the year when modifications to the study design 
were made, VCAA could not have envisaged the impact of Covid-19, so one 
would hope that flexibility and change could be exercised in these 
extraordinary circumstances.

I hope this helps. Please consider taking further action on behalf of 
your students.

Take care everyone,

Lorraine Tran.

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