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Thanks Laura, the survey is a great idea. Hopefully we get a great response from the cohort.

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Subject: [Design and Technology] VCE teacher survey
Importance: High

Hi everyone, we understand that there are a lot of issues regarding carrying our prac work in VCE PD&T and Systems. DATTA Vic has put together this survey<https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/OkjVCwVLJJtBGPDfVVVQF?domain=surveymonkey.com> to collate these questions and identify the areas which need further clarification. We'd be very grateful if you could take a few minutes to complete it, and please do pass this on to colleagues who may not be a part of this forum.

Thanks in advance, and wishing you all well.


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Subject: [Design and Technology] All in it together

Hi all thankyou all who have taken up cause of the issues will all face, I too support all, I too have only got back what had been reported back so cannot offer anything new to add from VCAA apart from the change in language re working from home ( were participable ) from must not work on their projects at home, by of course this excludes much with the safe use of materials and OHS guidelines for some materials, tools and equipment. I like you all have a issue with the comment with the Finished product ( no marks for ) yes but I contradicts the study design and outcomes used to get there. Lorraine's point re S or N If they cannot meet the study design requirements for the unit, then there will be a lot of students get N as they have not meet all of the criteria and completing a finished product. The study design should be updated and changed to reflect comments that not all indictors need to be used.

I was going to retire late year after over 30 years in teaching all the levels of our great subject, May be I should have as this year has most upsetting to my students with the year of closure in many areas of year 12 they don't get to have. But I still have that passion so I with you all and will keep going as one of the joys of this subject is to see them complete some amazing product, but not this year.

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Rob Kayler-Thomson

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