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Re: 3D printers

Hi Laura and co.,

Form my experience (after talking to many schools), the more popular 3D printers being used are as follows (in no particular order):

* Up Box (newer version) or Up Plus! 2 (older) - 3D printing systems
* Flashforge Inventor 3D printers 
* Flashforge dreamer 3D printer
* Makerbot - various to choose from, I don't have a lot of experience but they look good (expensive!).

Of course other brands are being used as well, but most school's I've seen use these.

We have the Up Plus 2! And Flashforge Inventor printers. The Up's are older, and simpler to use but have frequent calibration issues (students aren't the gentlest people about) and a few failed temperature sensors too. Price for the Up! Plus 2 is approx. $900-1000.
If you are going to use the UP printers, I'd recommend the Up Box - not sure of price but its enclosed and easier to manage.
The Flashforge's are dual head systems, easy to operate once you get used to the software and way more stable (less frequent calibration required). Flashforge inventor $1400 approx.

Ups and Flashforge are NOT cloudbased systems. USB lead or wifi (flashforge).

I hope this helps. Feel free to ask more questions if required.


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Hi everyone, we’ve had an enquiry from a teacher about 3D printers -

I work in a school that is considering buying 3D printers.
Some of the staff saw a presentation from a company known as Me3D.
The STEM co-ordinator along with 2 IT teachers keen to buy these as they are fully supported, but I was a bit concerned at the price, the fact that the software to print is cloud-based, and we have as a school only looked at this printer.

Having expressed this concern I have been given a week to come up with more data. So I was wondering if anyone at DATTA had looked into what most secondary schools are using and why.

Do any of you have advice we could pass on?  Thanks,


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