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Gabriella Verstraeten gverstraeten at sfx.vic.edu.au
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Hi there other design tech teachers!
I posted this note 3 weeks ago but didn't get any replies, am posting up again in the hope that someone may be interested. I have 2 dates for the presentations. although separated into Wood and Textiles, the same presentation could be repeated.

Our school St Francis Xavier College in Beaconsfield has decided that instead of students sitting practice exams in Sept hols,  they will be attending Uni. style lectures in their subject areas. The current teaching staff are required to find the staff to take these one off single presentation lectures. I believe payment is up to $300 neg. ( I will be overseas). Would anyone out there like to give one of these presentations for Wood and Textiles students. this is what we have been given so far. if you are interested, please email so I can forward on your details.
many thanks
Gabriella Verstraeten  gverstraeten at sfx.vic.edu.au<mailto:gverstraeten at sfx.vic.edu.au>

Revision Lectures (compulsory)

*         Week 2 of the September school holidays (Monday 1 - Thursday 4 October)

*         90 minute lecture for each subject

Content of lectures:

*         Lecture format

*         Overview of Unit 3 and 4 Key Knowledge and Skills

*         Exam preparation and technique

*         Set of notes to be provided to the College by 22 September (College to distribute electronically to students)

*         Timetable : Product Design & Technology - Wood Monday 1st Oct 1pm - 2.30pm

Product Design & Technology - Textiles Thursday 4th Oct 11am - 12.30pm

*         Payment involved

*         HR procedures will be followed (Presenter HR Form, Child Safety checks, letter of offer)

Gabriella Verstraeten
Technology (Textiles) & Art Teacher
[St Francis Xavier College]
PO Box 85, Beaconsfield, VIC 3807
Telephone +61 3 9707 3111
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