[Design and Technology] school timber suppliers

Paul Melis paulm at sjc.vic.edu.au
Mon May 19 10:45:35 EST 2014

Hi Michael. Try Mathews timbers.

125 Rooks Rd Vermont.
Phone 1800 338 874.

They deliver to us here in Geelong ($90 charge) & have quite a good range of timbers.  Shorts (timber 900mm or less) are good value & they always seem to be generous with the amount, especially for schools.

Give them a call & see how you go.


Paul Melis
Product design and technology.


St Joseph's College Geelong
135 Aphrasia Street, Newtown Vic 3220
Ph Office: 03 5226 8100
Fax: 03 5221 6983
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Hi Davone,

I need to know of suppliers of timber, particularly those that specialise in supplying schools in the Western suburbs or who will come from the north and eastern suburbs across to the west. I am not able to get timber from JTE Timber at present so need an alternative supplier.


Michael Butler
Product Design & Technology

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