[Design and Technology] Teachers of Units 3 /4 Product design and technology - assessment criteria 2013 and reports from 2012

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Hi Jacinta & all,

This statement regarding Unit 3, Outcome 2 has me confused.  Has value adding been removed as a term?  It is all through the study design & the text book.  Can anyone please clarify this before I start this area of study next week.

However there were some instances of the use of terminology used in the previous study design, but not in Product Design and Technology such as Design for Manufacturing; 'batch' now replaced with 'low volume'; value adding; planned obsolescence (planned has been removed) agile manufacturing (replaced with lean manufacturing). Also other terminologies not associated with this outcome, such as the Product design process were used by teachers in the assessment task; note that this is related to the process students work through. Teachers should note use of the generic phrases in the study design including 'the design and development of products within industrial settings' or 'product development process'. It should also be noted that the focus of international and Australian standards is their purpose in relation to safety, consistency and quality. There is no direct reference to packaging in this outcome, so it is advised that assessment items on packaging are not relevant. It is important to ensure that the current content in the study design is reflected in the assessment task.


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Dear colleagues

Please excuse this post if you have already accessed these documents, but I do know that some people are unaware of them.

Recently posted on VCAA were:

  *    2013 administrative information for school-based assessment - Product Design and Technology<http://www.vcaa.vic.edu.au/Documents/vce/technology/SBA_proddes.pdf> (PDF - 717KB)
Contains School-assessed Task assessment criteria sheets and authentication record forms at: http://www.vcaa.vic.edu.au/Documents/vce/technology/SBA_proddes.pdf
  *   School-assessed Task and School-assessed Coursework Reports<http://www.vcaa.vic.edu.au/Pages/vce/studies/designtech/sacs.aspx>
 School-assessed Task and School-assessed Coursework reports for Product Design and Technology. School assessment report<http://www.vcaa.vic.edu.au/Pages/vce/studies/designtech/sacs.aspx> Follow this link and choose the document titled 'School Assessment Report' under the heading School-assessed Coursework Reports
It seems that the SAT Assessment Criteria is largely unchanged from 2012 except for a phrase added to Criterion 4 (highlighted in yellow below).

  *   Skill in the use of a range of communication methods to convey design options, showing references to proposed materials and processes, and other features relevant to the design brief.
If, however, you have noticed other changes please share them on this thread.

Another phrase of interest to 'Textiles' teachers is highlighted in green below, from the scope of the task:

  *   Working drawings (technical drawings) or patterns of the preferred option (including any modifications) using accepted conventions to establish the product specifications (materials, sizes, construction methods). Working drawings may include assembly and detail drawings, templates, flats, plans and pattern drafting, and notations as appropriate. It should be noted that if commercial patterns are used as the basis for the preferred option for a garment, they should have three modifications, which are noted in the folio work. The working drawings should contain adequate details to develop the materials costing list.
and this sentence in the School assessment (SAT and coursework) report

  *   Working drawings for wood/metal/plastics need to incorporate appropriate conventions developed with reference to the preferred design option and are used to develop the product specifications. It is important to clarify for textiles/fashion students that working drawings should not give step-by-step instructions on how to assemble the garment like a commercial pattern; but should be an informative 'flat sketch' with client measurements, trims, materials and special notes.
The rest of this report will be extremely useful for other people setting SACs and tasks and particularly for those being audited. (Best of luck!)

Please add to this thread if you can find other new information relevant to teaching or assessment of VCE PD&T.

regards and stay healthy

Jacinta O'Leary

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