[Design and Technology] A subject for both boys and girls?

Malcolm Barrins MBarrins at stpats.vic.edu.au
Fri Oct 19 10:30:27 EST 2012

The link   http://www.vcaa.vic.edu.au/Pages/vce/statistics/2011/statssect3.aspx#H3N10261  is one you may find useful.  It gives the conversion of raw scores to grades for past exams, and gives the percentages of students who received each of these grades.  (FYI, need to be in top 50 % to get above 30 pre scaled, need to be in top 16% to get a study score above 36 pre scaled, need to be in top 8% to be above 40 pre-scaled.  Of course, the study score is made up of 3 grades, not just exams).

If you want comparisons for other years, replace 2011 with required year in above link.

Does data suggest that the Product Design & Technology course, and the Design & Technology course before it, suit girls much more than boys?  Surely when girls consistently outperform boy to such a large degree in every aspect of the course, it indicates that a subject that traditionally engaged boys no longer does so!

Mal Barrins

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