[Design and Technology] Sustainable Design- an introduction to material choice and sustainable redesign

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What is LCA you may ask? Well LCA enables you to analyse the life cycles of products regarding their ecological and environmental impacts and displaying them in a transparent way. The goal of LCA (also known as 'life cycle analysis', 'ecobalance', and 'cradle-to-grave analysis') is to compare the full range of environmental and social damages assignable to products and services, to be able to choose the most sustainable one.

Some advantages to doing this are:

*         You can determine the strategic risks and environment related problem fields of your products at an early stage and can have them identified in form of an "early warning system".

*          Identify the proportionality and relevance of the individual phases within the product life cycle.

*         Concretise your ecological need for action and achieve an improved image compared to your competitors.

*         Improve the communication with political decision makers and public authorities with the help of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).

*         Contribute to ecological innovations by implementing Life Cycle Assessments (LCA).

SolidWorks Sustainability considers how and where materials are produced, parts are manufactured, and products are used and discarded.

Introduction and Material Choice

*         Describe the relationship between Sustainability and SolidWorks;

*         Identify the principle components of the Sustainability Add-in;

*         Explain significance of Material choice and environmental impacts.

Sustainability and Simulation

*         Add-In Simulation;

*         Activate Sustainability;

*         Mate Parts in an Assembly;

*         Create Static Studies;

*         Create a Thermal Study;

*          Edit individual Parts;

*          Evaluate Sustainability throughout Redesign.

SolidWorks Sustainability empowers students to analyze the future environmental impact of their designs. Check out our Solidworks Sustainability Project Workbook<http://www.solidworks.com/sw/images/content/Training/Sustainability_Project_Work_Book_2010_ENG_SV.pdf>!

 Visit the Courseware Video Library to see a video clip about SolidWorks Sustainability<http://www.solidworks.com/sw/education/9863_ENU_HTML.htm>!

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