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Picture this: a classroom of students working collaboratively on a challenging science- or design & engineering-based problem with an open-ended solution. They are exchanging ideas, learning from each other, and are self-motivated..........The GEARS Invention & Design System gives teachers the tools they need to create world-class engineering and robotics challenges for their students in the comfort of their own classrooms.

GEARS-IDS designs and models all of their educational products and robotic kits with SolidWorks and they have developed hands-on projects with STEM-based lessons incorporating SolidWorks. The library of Solid Works parts allows students and teachers to create assembly drawings and virtual prototypes of the many mechanisms that can be designed and built using the GEARS-IDS Innovation and Design System.

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GEARS-IDS is a great way to learn:

ü  How to apply basic math and physics concepts to the solution of a challenging problem.

ü  The process of engineering and designing modules, mechanisms, and machines.

ü  How to work as a member of an engineering team and participate in the engineering project lifecycle.

ü  How to use 3-D solid models to communicate ideas and create and analyse design iterations.

ü  The fundamentals of mechanics, electronics and pneumatics

ü  And much more!

Why invest in GEARS IDS:

ü  Hands-on projects with curriculum resources help students learn math, science, and engineering principles.

ü  Re-configurable, customizable, and built to last for years.

ü  Industry grade pneumatics and gearhead motors.

ü  Electronics include speed controllers, digital switches, 12-volt battery, charger, wire, and connectors.

ü  Interfaces with programmable controllers or RC radios.

ü  Open-ended prototyping platform.

ü  SolidWorks CAD solid models available for download.

ü  Precision stainless steel & aluminium drive components.

ü  All components organized in a storage container for classroom management.

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