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Thankyou for your prompt and informative response. I am looking forward to
reading Paul's email and can we please see David's response?

I have been involved in the process of verification with Noel Arnold and
Assoc. this year and I would like to share my experiences of this process. I
don't think that a competency test for teachers is enough if they are
working in an unsafe workplace. I would suggest that schools take both
steps, the competency test and the verification process.

I have been involved in the redesign of our workshop for a few years now.
Mostly in response to the increases in class size but also in the changing
nature of the curriculum. I see that the issue of class size is still not
addressed. 25 I believe for Secondary Schools under the new agreement. I am
now involved with VET teaching. The importance on health and safety is even
greater when you have students going out on work placement.

Throughout this work it has been apparent to me that there is insufficient
guidelines on the layout of classrooms and the purchase of appropriate
equipment. I still think that the Department needs to do more work on
providing practical advice to schools. Policy is fine but we need the
practical support to implement it.

Finally there are the financial considerations. The one off Grant money to
schools is a help but unless there is ongoing targeted funding for this work
then I believe that too many Principals will put technology in the too hard
basket. Who is paying for the cost of staff to do the VQA training at your

Richard Bazeley


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I agree that it would be useful if more teachers voiced their concerns via
this list. The issues arising from were discussed at the DATAA Vic
meeting on Wednesday evening, and David Fletcher, the Secretary of DATTA Vic
has written and sent a response yesterday to Paul O'Halloran and others in
DEECD. David has received a response from Paul, and I will send his email to
the list once I have gained his permission. In his email, Paul states a
willingness to review the draft in light of feedback. Paul also states that 

'DEECD needs to move forward with a system that keeps kids safe while
achieving educational outcomes.

The current approach is resulting in too many recurrences of serious injury
- too often because of inadequate supervision, unsafe systems and operator


If there are others who are concerned about, I am willing to
co-ordinate a face-to-face meeting with Paul and others in DEECD - also with
DATTA Vic representation. 


As for curriculum changes you refer to - safety and design have been part of
Technology curriculum since the early 90's. We must ensure as educators that
we are providing an engaging, contemporary curriculum that adheres to safety
requirements for our students. As I see it, this is an evolutionary process,
rather than a complete 'redo'.


Regards, Lorraine.


Lorraine Tran

Curriculum Manager, P - 12 Design and Technology

Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority

41 St Andrews Place

East Melbourne   3002


Telephone (03)9651 4407

Mobile 041 933 1630

Email tran.lorraine.i at edumail.vic.gov.au




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I posted a comment on this topic before the holidays. Response - nil. The
topic of safety in technology areas appears to be too political for people
to discuss or this is not the forum to express opinions.

Who are "the  powers" that will listen?  Is there really someone out there
willing to take responsibility for the mess we are now in?

The DEECD is at least 4 to 5 years behind NSW in this area. NSW were making
recommendations like this back in 2003.

I realize that anger will not help but I feel very powerless to do anything
about the situation and I feel that a response to the would not
change my situation.

I am doing everything that I can to meet the requirements of the
verification process through Noel Arnold and Assoc and this has greatly
increased my workload. Yet still at the end of the year I will have to go
cap in hand to the principal and ask for funding for next year. 

We are being asked to take on more responsibility but I am not convinced
that the support that is provided is adequate. I have completed VBQU619 but
the cost of all our Technology staff doing this training is too great.

Finally I find it ironic that the last 10 to 15 years has been spent
developing curriculum for design education and now we are being asked to
redo the curriculum and include more safety training. What have we been
doing for all those years? 

Richard Bazeley




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