[Aries] FW: Certification requirements - reiterated]

Clarke Stevenson clarke.stevenson at bigpond.com
Wed Dec 7 10:48:24 EST 2005

Hi Roger

You are partly correct.

I should have stated that:

Please note that students must complete ALL unit exams and achieve 75% or
above (in the final exam) to qualify for the Aries PC Maintenance and Repair

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Hi Clarke

This email is a little confusing. The requirements for Aries have always
been 70% or more for unit exams and 75% for End of semster exams. The
email states about end of semester exams in the second section of the
email, but states has an ALL in a sentence that relates to end of
semester and unit exams - in the 1st line of the email.

I am assuming that no change has occured and that 70% unit exams and 75%
end of semester exams is still the case.


Roger Peedle

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