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hi Claire
if the 2d animation can be done in something other than flash and flash is not mandated ....??

have you checked the VCAA prescriptions to see if Flash is mandated in there? perhaps also past copies of the VCAA Bulletin? also check exam requirements as posted in Bulletin.

if it is not prescribed software then...

it is certainly no longer industry standard with HTML5 out in the wild and also the iPad not playing with it. I notice there are more tablets coming on the market that dont do flash either.

however -- what is the industry standard now...  and how do we get teachers up to speed quickly ... because the depth of knowledge and expertise about Flash amongst teachers is immense

I recall when we put together the study from the training package that we focussed on industry standard but I do not recall specifying actual software or platforms. (Maybe we did ?)

maybe it is time to look at updating the study ?
(where I now work does not offer IDM)


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On 29/08/2013, at 3:36 PM, claire at warrandytehigh.vic.edu.au wrote:

> Hi Jeanean,
> You’ve raised a really interesting question.
> In fact, the PixelEd committee was talking about this at our last meeting.
> I think your kids are correct, it’s obvious that Flash is on it’s way out and the industry has moved on.
> The dilemma is that if students are aiming to maximise their study score, they need to know Flash really well – it’s the exam wagging the dog, so to speak.
> The training package doesn’t mandate the software our kids use, so it’s our need to prepare for the exam that becomes a crucial factor.
> I can imagine it would be difficult if you train kids in After Effects and perhaps do the 3D elective in yr 11, and then in yr 12 have to “drag” them back to stuff they find boring and irrelevant.
> If the demand is there, PixelEd could consider running some After Effects training for teachers – what do people think?
> Cheers
> Claire
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> Hello everyone,
> I am interested to know what everyone is doing with 2D animation. My students have been so anti-flash this year – not because they find it difficult – they are finding it boring. Their interest seems to lay with special effects/animation – ie after effects – and 3D animation. Is anyone else finding a rapidly growing disinterest for Flash among students?
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