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Hi Folks,

Your VCE co-ord and tech support should have received the memo below. If it
affects your operating system, please check that your school is aware of the


Claire Bloom



To VCE Coordinators/Technical support personnel of VCE VET IDM


The information below is extremely important if your school is using Windows
7 or Windows Vista.


Technical support personnel are required to email Simona Wengritzky at the
VCAA confirming that they have received the information and know about the
changes incorporated in the 2012 VCE VET IDM examination.


If your school is  using Windows 2000 please contact the VCAA immediately.



The information below is also included in the technical support instructions
which will be sent to schools with the 2012 VCE VET examination CD-ROM.


The 2012 VCE VET IDM examination is compatible with Windows XP Service Pack
2 or later and Macintosh OSX10.4 or later. Windows 2000 is not compatible
with this version of the examination.




The 2012 VCE VET Interactive Digital Media examination is presented
differently to previous examinations.  It is important therefore that the
2011 remodelled examination found at

 be tested in the Examination Centre under examination conditions to ensure


a.      the examination and the absent student register install and load
correctly as specified

b.      the Practical Folder containing the Assets is generated (Windows
shortcut or Mac OSX alias) sits on  the desktop as specified

c.      the other external software (such as Photoshop, Flash and
Dreamweaver) are loaded and run to ensure the computer is capable of having
a number of applications open simultaneously.

d.      On all computers using Windows 7 and Windows Vista the shadow
copying of data has been disabled. See detailed instructions below.


Disabling Shadow copying of data

On all computers using Windows 7 and Windows Vista the shadow copying of
data has been disabled. To do this follow the instructions:

To turn off volume shadow copy, first bring up the System Properties window
by going to your start menu, and opening up the Control Panel. In Control
Panel, click "System and Maintenance". In the window that opens, click
"System". On the left panel, look for a line that says "System protection"
and click it. The Windows User Account Control, or UAC, will pop up. Click
the "Continue" button.

In the dialog box that appears, you should be able to see a list box with
all the available drives on your computer. Next to each drive is a check
box. If there is a check in the box next to the drive, it means volume
shadow copy, along with System Restore, is enabled for that drive. To
disable volume shadow copy, simply uncheck the box. A dialog box will appear
asking if you are sure you want to turn off System Restore. Click the "Turn
System Restore off" button. Finally, click the OK button. 


For further information please contact Simona Wengritzky at the VCAA on (03)
92252357 or email  <mailto:Wengritzky.simona.d at edumail.vic.gov.au>
Wengritzky.simona.d at edumail.vic.gov.au.



Kind regards,




Simona Wengritzky


Project Manager - VCE Examinations
Victorian Curriculum & Assessment Authority
ph: (03) 9225 2357
fax: 03 9225 2361

mobile: 0438 560 949

email: wengritzky.simona.d at edumail.vic.gov.au


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