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Hi Ana,

Try this explanation -  it's quite complex, but the example given is helpful
(especially as it relates to a simple creative design problem).


However, if you look at this source, it says: "The morphological analysis is
too structured and this could inhibit free and creative thinking."



The one I like is "word salad" because the kids always pick on the
definition that relates to a word salad being a symptom of mental disorders
such as brain injury, dementia and  schizophrenia. Kids always ask me if I'm
talking in word salad!







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Yah, I was trying to work out if they mean surfing, like you surf the
internet, but you surf through different subcultures and you develop ideas
from the sub cultures perspective? Or you just look at sub cultures like

I googles it, but nothing comes up except the subculture of surfing. 


But ohh I just found this


As I said the one that really concerns me is Vision Circles, try googling


Can any one give a simple example of morphological analysis. I found heaps
on it, but call me daft, I could not understand any of it. 


Any one any one? Please?




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I'm wondering if they meant  "Subculture, eg surfing"?


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I preparing the critical and creative thinking unit for my 1/2's at the
moment and am stumped of some of the techniques in the unit. Can anyone help
me with definitions an/or little tasks I can do with the kids to explain


Here are the ones I don't understand.


ego alter or heroes

morphological analysis

vision circles (this one freaks me out, if I asked the kids to find out what
it is they might end up joining some self help, know yourself bla bla kind
of group).

sub-culture surfing


Thought I would share first. Here is one I just made.

Using limited time to break creative blockers.

Cut a 10 X 10cm square from an A4 page, you will use it to frame part of the
cover of Desktop magazine . You have 10 minutes to find part of the cover
that represents a design principle. Be creative. 

You  then have

*	5 minutes to redraw it in pencil, using line (10 X 10cm).
*	5 minutes to redraw it in pencil, using form (10 X 10cm).
*	10 minutes to redraw it in photoshop with the drawing tablet (10 X
*	10 minutes to redraw it in flash, only using block shape (colour, no
line 10 X 10cm)
*	10 minites to present nicely on one A4 page, including origional.

Scan it and submit it digitaly. 


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