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I have just listened to the session - well done! My take on the clock
question was that the design relationship being demonstrated is alignment -
as in the alignment of the typographical elements C and L combine to create
a clock.


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That's exactly what I planned to do - go back and see which terms are
actually listed in the Unit of Competency - well done!

It is impossible to teach for an exam if we don't have a definitive list of
terms that the kids need to know. This was a huge problem with the first
exam we had in the last training package - I hope it's not an issue this

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I agree, that's the correct design term.  However, it is also not a term
that the students must know, based on the training package, which would make
it out of the scope for the examination.  Typography, however, is mentioned
by the training package.

The terms that the training package mention in this area are:

Typographical design elements
. alignment
. fonts and typefaces
. kerning
. leading
. point and size
. serif or sans serif
. tracking.

Visual design elements
. colour
. form
. line
. shape
. texture
. tone.

Visual design principles
. balance
. emphasis
. focal point
. movement
. perspective
. proportion
. scale
. unity.

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Question 6: The "clock" question.

The first two letters of the word "Clock" form a clock face. In design terms
the relationship is called Letterform.

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