[vet-mm] Sample Exam - all invited to an online discussion

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Hi Geraldine,

Yes I'll post the link tomorrow.


Stuart- sorry I've had no experience with Macs and Elluminate. I've heard of
people accessing it with no problems at all on their Macs, but also others
who have had issues. 

There are some support files here: 


Have you tested it out? Interested to hear how it worked.

se/start.htm which has the link to the training room ie.


Assuming you can get in, then you can test your audio by going to
Tools>Audio> Audio Set Up Wizard, also you can test your web cam,

have a play with the whiteboard, the chat function etc


Claire J




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Great Claire,
I should be fine for Tuesday. Guess you'll send link closer to time. Great
idea. Thanks.


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