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Great Claire,
I should be fine for Tuesday. Guess you¹ll send link closer to time. Great
idea. Thanks.

On 3/06/10 10:40 AM, "crb" <rcmhome at optusnet.com.au> wrote:

> I think it¹s a mistake and B should say sacrifices quality for file size.
> However, I¹d like to talk it over with others at a web conferencing session.
> Next Tuesday 8th I will be trialling a web conference for VET IDM teachers,
> using Elluminate.
> Time for this online session will be 5-6pm
> This web conferencing software is provided free for all Victorian educators.
> As well as discussing PD needs of IDM teachers, I thought it would be a good
> opportunity to discuss the sample questions.
> I hope people can join me, even if only for part of the session.
> I am aiming to develop a regular online meeting time, that supports VET IDM
> teachers.
> It¹s free PD and may (in a small way) help overcome issues of distance and
> access to Melbourne-based activities.
> To test you can access the software Go to
> http://www.education.vic.gov.au/researchinnovation/virtualconferencecentre/use
> /start.htm and follow the link to the training room.
> You need headphones and mic. Web cams can be used but are not essential.
> Take a minute to try it out and have a play in the training room.
> Hope people can join me online next Tuesday evening. (future times to be
> negotiated)
> More details soon.
> Cheers
> Claire J
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> The answer is B:
> Mars
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> Hi all,
> This question is from the Video section of the Sample Exam questions, and I'm
> guessing the answer is A, because all the other options are incorrect as far
> as I can see. I know nothing about archiving files though. Any thoughts?
> Question 1
> Lossy compression
> A. is used for archiving files.
> B. sacrifices file size for quality.
> C. retains high quality information.
> D. is used in compressing tif and psd files.
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