[vet-mm] quick question re year 12 SAC combinations

Brian Pearce BPearce at clc.vic.edu.au
Fri Jul 30 16:33:09 EST 2010

2D Animation with Interactive Sequences ( advertising a series of children's books on a web site including a looping animation of the main character )
Vis Components with Design Processes ( t-shirt logo design & print for a community event )
Content & Copy with Video ( an informative piece for a mock news web site )

It's great to see the variety of interesting tasks that are being set across the schools.

Brian Pearce
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I'm doing the same as Marian except they are designing a DVD cover  for a movie trailer rather than a logo.


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I'm combining:
2D Animation with Visual Components
Write Content with Interactive Sequences
Explore and Apply the Creative Design Process to 2D Forms  with Video, where they design the storyboard and the  video production company logo for a movie trailer, then produce the trailer.

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Hi Folks,

In the context of  looking at developing resources for Year 12 course, I have been asked what combinations people are using for their SACs, especially what are you combining the
Explore and apply the creative design process to 2D forms with?
You can email me direct or to the list as I think others will be interested?
Claire :)
I did/am doing
Video with Animation
Design process with Write content
Visual Components with Interactive Sequences (webpages)

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