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Jeanean Pritchard jpritchard at highview.vic.edu.au
Thu Dec 16 10:29:01 EST 2010

Hi all,
In the last few weeks we have had a little bit of trouble with a
student who wanted to take IDM and another subject that was blocked on
at the same time. We investigated the Distance Ed IDM course as a
possible solution. I was amazed to find that they offer Cert III in only
one year (at a year twelve level - units 3/4).
I did ring and leave a message for Distance Ed to phone me back, but
they did not. We have since resolved the situation for our student, but
it left me wondering about the Distance Ed course.
On further investigation of their Cert III on their web page, I saw
that they only study eight units rather than the eleven stipulated in
the training package. It seems that they must make up the missing units
by ensuring that their students study Cert II Creative Industries in
year eleven. Perhaps they take overlapping units. This detail wasn't
available on the web site. I asked my VCE co-ordinator if this would
meet VCAA requirements but he said he wasn't sure and it sounded
We study Cert III over two years (yr 11 and 12) at Highview. We also
offer Creative Industries at a year ten level. This coming year, the
creative industries course was not a popular selection and as such, it
will not be offered during 2011.
I wonder how do you all run your courses? If Distance Ed can do a cert
II and a cert III in only two years, perhaps this might be possible for
us? This is the question that our VCE co-ordinator has now asked me.
Having checked out the hours requirement, I would be extremely reluctant
to do it this way. I do not even know how Distance Ed possibly manages
to meet these requirements at all. I usually do not recommend students
take Distance Ed subjects because I generally find they have a limited
success by the very nature of having limited contact with their Distance
Ed teachers.
I would be very interested in your feedback please.
Jeanean Pritchard
Media, Music & Arts
Highview Christian Community College
Maryborough Victoria
jpritchard at highview.vic.edu.au


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