[vet-mm] Metadata question on exam trial help please

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I would have to say more towards keywords. Software used in the  
industry would call for searching for clips related to the actual  
content of the shot, but as Claire says, who knows!

Many video formats support metadata attached directly to the file (in- 
file metadata). This metadata can sometimes be extracted by search  
engines to better rank and catalog your multimedia content.

Metadata is particularly useful in video, where information about its  
contents (such as transcripts of conversations and text descriptions  
of its scenes) are not directly understandable by a computer, but  
where efficient search is desirable.


Stuart James Bush

On 22/08/2010, at 7:00 PM, c bloom wrote:

For those wondering here is the sample question:

Question 7

The following script describes a part of a video.

• person working hard at computer, cutaways to see sweat and  
nervousness with poor light

• shot over screen into persons eye, wide and staring

• shot over shoulders to see feverish typing

• shot over shoulder to see clock hands sweeping to imply a lot of  
time has passed

Provide a comprehensive set of five metadata tags for indexing this  
content (5 marks)

This was one of the many sample questions that no one was quite sure  

Did the author of this question mean 5 keywords that describe the  
content of this clip such as computer, poor light, ohs, clock, time  
on computer, typing, working, staring eyes…  or goodness knows what?

Or is it 5 pieces of information that are variously used in indexing  
clips such as title, creator, date of creation, location, duration,  
description, shot no, scene, copyright details, any number of tech- 
type details such as format, bitrate, resolution, file size…the list  
goes on??

So simple answer – not sure what this question was after!



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To all

was wondering if someone could help I know this question has crossed  
mm edulist before but I am still having trouble understanding what  
they are asking.

I know that metadata  classifies information on the  creation of the  
video and script along with key word searching but I  am unsure of  
how they want a set of 5 tags.

If some some kind person can e-mail me info so I can revise it  
further for the exam.

Many Thanks

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