[vet-mm] Session recordings

crb rcmhome at optusnet.com.au
Tue Aug 3 12:33:40 EST 2010

Just had a question about previous session recordings:


The links to recordings are mailed to the list, that night or the day after
the session. They are also listed on the Events section of the Education

http://guidetoinnovation.ning.com/events/ search for Tweeking Pixels


But here they are again:

2D5B69858A13.vcr&sid=2007026> &sid=2007026 is the sample exam discussion


8210349FCC04.vcr&sid=2007026> &sid=2007026 for the CSS session.


I had a couple of reports from people who could not access one or other, but
they both worked for me and, as far as I know, when they tried again it was
OK. As long as the computer you are on has right version of Java, should be
OK? Let me know if you have problems.


Link for tonight's recording will go to list as soon as I can.




(PS just noted a funny thing - my home email says it's from
Rachelle...goodness knows why this is? Apologies Rachelle or anyone that was
confused by this. Yet another quirk to research!)


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