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Rob Swain RSwain at gordontafe.edu.au
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We are doing the Cert3 (2-year) program for the reasons cited by others. I.e.: better pathway and industry recognition than a cert2, and access to a study score.
We are covering the foundational software skills (mainly Photoshop, Dreamweaver & Flash) in the first year as well as beginning the design and digital media theory aspects. This seems to be providing a solid grounding before second year studies.
We also opted for the 3d unit and the students are absolutely loving it and producing great work!
I'm still keen to hear from the VCAA re scored assessment guidelines for the 2010 units (partic rules for task design and exam in/exclusions).
The video unit next year will pose some challenges I think - should be good, but not sure about how it will be handled in the exam.

Overall I'm happier with the new units than the old and the students seem genuinely interested and more engaged in this new approach.


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Hi Kevork,

I am going ok so far teaching the year 11 course. We decided to start with
Cert III at our school.

So far I am coping well - the course is challenging to teach since I have
a mixed ability of students. I have been using visual diaries and am
trying to keep student interest up via different activities. Going to Top
Designs will hopefully inspire them as well.

For me the headache has been trying to work around and integrate the
"non-software" competencies ie. critical & creative thinking, and working
effectively in the industry.

The other thing I was thinking about was do I need to cover some
introductory skills in computer animation (eg: Flash) and movie making or
just assume that students will learn from scratch in year 12?



> Hi Folks,
>   I am wondering - on behalf of myself as well as others - how things are
> progressing with the rollout of the Interactive Digital Media Course.
>  Do we know of any companies preparing resources for the new
> Interactive Dig Media course?
> When are the VCAA materials coming out? Any ideas or suggestions?
> With thanks
> Kevork Krozian
> kevork at edulists.com.au
> www.edulists.com.au
> Tel: 0419 356 034

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