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Luke Ellis Luke.Ellis at assumption.vic.edu.au
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Kevork I'd like to say fantastically... but I'd be lying!


It was confusing from the word go. My external RTO has been pretty good
about it, but no one seemed to know exactly which unit of competency to
do, what was required, whether we'd do Cert II over one year or Cert III
over two years. Then there was the issue of textbooks to use - even they
don't have all the required units. We went with the Cert III - very
sloppy introduction. For most of term one it felt like I was barely half
a step in front of the students.  And on top of all that (to put it
mildly) I'm freaking out about next year!


Oh well. Now it has calmed down, but I still don't think I'll ever be as
ahead as I should be, and that frustrates me.



Luke Ellis

Assumption College Kilmore



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Hi Folks,


  I am wondering - on behalf of myself as well as others - how things

progressing with the rollout of the Interactive Digital Media Course.



 Do we know of any companies preparing resources for the new
Interactive Dig Media course?

When are the VCAA materials coming out? Any ideas or suggestions?

With thanks

Kevork Krozian
kevork at edulists.com.au
Tel: 0419 356 034

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