[vet-mm] Solution to booking PT interviews

Kevork Krozian K.Krozian at fhc.vic.edu.au
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Hi Folks,

 We wrote our own using PHP and MySQL. It has an infinite number of advantages such as:

1. No ongoing "usage" costs at a significant price per booking.
2. Fully customisable for remote access, permissions, validation, restrictions on booking numbers per student, per teacher etc.
3. Fully LDAP aware so no need to maintain user lists
4. Students and teachers print off their bookings and there is space for comments from each interview.
5. Teachers can block out unavailable times
6. Fully report customisable for analysis etc.
7. We own it and so are independent of any external entities.

If you are interested in more details feel free to contact me on line.

Kevork Krozian
Digital Learning Manager
Forest Hill College
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Hello Tim
We have implemented a system through Synergetic (I think it's through there anyway) and our community portal. Parents have a login and make their own bookings after staff block out any times where they don't want bookings (eg. dinner). The only trouble is that parents now book for every subject even those that have never had interviews before!!

This is our second year running it and it seems to work really well; no complaints from parents and the only teachers who complain are those who are not used to having lots of bookings.

Diane Peat
Firbank Grammar School

Tim Kitchen wrote:

Hi folks,

Can anyone recommend a good online solution to help manage parent teacher
interview bookings?


Tim Kitchen


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Telephone 03 9591 5188

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