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Sorry if this is off-topic, but it is about copyright which I think is important from all perspectives. This email comes from an author’s perspective. An interesting email came to me this morning from the Copyright Council regarding a class action with Google about their digitising 7 million books without copyright permission. I note that VITTA is advertising a session with the Copyright Council which may interest people.


More to the point, for all those that have published books it is worth checking the web site to see if Google have digitised your books because you can (a) get payment if they have, and (b) opt in or opt out of allowing Google to sell your books.


Out of interest, Google has digitised 14 of my books (and I am still searching for others).


If Adrian Janson is on this list, I note that 4 of your books have been digitised, along with one from Andrew Shortell. 


Tim Kitchen – your book has been digitised. 



If you want more info you can go to http://www.googlebooksettlement.com/ (although you will have to create an account).





Google book settlement − deadline extension

The Google book settlement opt-out deadline has been extended from 5 May 2009, to 4 September 2009.

All authors or publishers who have had books, or inserts in books, published on or before 5 January 2009, must now decide whether they wish to remain in the settlement by 4 September 2009.

If you choose to do nothing before this deadline you will remain in the settlement and Google will be authorised to use your work in accordance with the terms of the settlement.

If you wish to opt out, you must do so before 4 September 2009.

If you wish to remain in the settlement but object to its terms, you must file a statement of your objection by the new deadline of 4 September 2009.

The date of the Fairness Hearing, originally scheduled for 11 June 2009, has also been changed and will now be held on 7 October 2009. However all other key dates remain the same.

For more information on the Google book settlement, view CAL’s information pack here. <http://www.copyright.com.au/Latest_News/Google_book_settlement_1.aspx>  

Members in Adelaide and Perth can also attend a free one-hour seminar on the Google settlement conducted by Dr Jeremy Fisher, Executive Director of the Australian Society of Authors. The seminar is part of CAL's seminar series. Further details below.  



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