[vet-mm] Don't leave it to chance - advice?

claire claire at warrandytehigh.vic.edu.au
Thu Feb 12 10:17:23 EST 2009

I have had a few similar enquiries. I think it's partly to do with how 
tight school PD budgets have become and how difficult it is to get out 
of the school :-(

Both sessions are aimed at "newbies" ie those teaching the course for 
the first time, so some of the material covers 'basics' such as 
terminology and the nuts and bolts of running VET, which experienced 
teachers should all ready know.
If you have got your head around the structure of the new course, feel 
confident in your choice of electives and have good material that you 
used for the old course, then I don't think it's that difficult to 
adapt and adjust to the new course.

However, for experienced teachers, one of the benefits of the morning 
session will be a chance to network  with other teachers, see some 
examples of the approaches that the presenters (Jo Trim and Michelle 
Dennis) and others will be taking (sources of inspiration!) and 
clarify any issues you might have. 
So no simple answer, it's really a matter of where you are at.

Sorry I don't have specific details of other  PixelEd PD as yet, but 
we will have our annual "Meet Industry Dinner" in July and plan to run 
sessions on the new Year 12 course later in the year to prepare for 
2010. We are also looking at software workshops and will do our best 
to respond to teacher needs as they become apparent. There will be a 
Saturday PD (in May?) for teachers in association with Top Designs - 
looking at year 12 SACs and what was required for selection into Top 

Claire Bloom
Warrandyte High

One way in which we can all help each other is to keep the discussions 
going on this list, and share our resources. Compared to the ITA list 
we are not as active as we could be and certainly quite shy about 
putting our work out there, BUT if we all did it, then we'd all be the 
richer for it, including those tiny PD budgets.

> Can anyone advise me about this lecture. I've been
> teaching multimedia for around five years but I am still
> feeling like I need clarification and inspiration for the
> new course. Does anybody think this would be a worthwhile
> event to attend or should I save some of my PD time for
> other events that might be up and coming that I do not
> know about?
> Jeanean Pritchard
> Arts/Media/Multimedia/Music
> Highview College
> Maryborough Victoria
> jpritchard at highview.vic.edu.au 

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