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Thanks for the info Claire. I have also begun giving this some serious thought. I am ok with the content planning but have no idea of what to consider in terms of products/sacs/assessment tasks. I realise it will depend on how you pair the units. Does any one have some initial 'germs' of ideas?
My holidays will be used creating teaching tools to use the software and will be happy to put these out.

Also, I have been trying to take out membership of PixelEd via the VITTA website, but the shopping basket times-out. How do I do it using a school order form?

Glenn Drew
Wangaratta High
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  Hi Folks,

  As we limp along to the holidays (well some may be marching, I'm crawling!), I have had a few calls and emails asking about scored assessment for next year. Basically it has not changed, it's just now we have 6 Units of Competency and in the past it was 5. 


  If you email VCAA the official word is:


  Scored assessment for VCE VET Interactive Digital Media 2010

  The assessment guidelines, that is, guidelines surrounding task selection and task design are unchanged for 2010.


  The generic advice for scored assessment published in the November 2003 Multimedia Assessment Guide will not change for the revised VCE VET Interactive Digital Media program next year.


  The units of competence in Units 3-4 in the revised program are as published on page 7 of the VCE VET Interactive Digital Media program booklet published October 2008.


  A sample assessment plan will be available this week on the VCE VET Interactive Digital Media page of the VCAA website. This sample is a guide only and it not intended to be prescriptive. The decisions about the clustering or batching of units and task selection remain with the teacher/trainer in consultation with the RTO where appropriate.


  Hope that helps reassure teachers as you plan for the new course.

  Cheers and holiday wishes to all,

  Claire Bloom J



  PixelEd is planning to bring out some sample tasks that schools may like to purchase, not sure of publication date but watch this space for more information. We have found that any Unit can be paired with any other unit, so there are 15 combinations that we will prepare sample tasks for. 

  We will also be running PD in Feb, once again - watch this space.

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