[vet-mm] Running new Cert II and old Cert III in same class??

Brian Pearce BPearce at clc.vic.edu.au
Wed Oct 8 07:23:35 EST 2008

Hi Fran,
I have done this in 2 of the past 3 years and will do it again next
year. I don't see much difference with the Cert II being new, just a bit
more careful planning to make sure it all fits together and all the
resources are in place. Running the two classes together is pretty full
on and a bit of a pain to manage. As much as you can you want to be
instructing the Cert IIIs while the Cert IIs are working on projects and
vice-versa. It's not always fun but it can work and at least you keep
the subject alive for the students of that year level, who would
otherwise miss out. 

Good luck,

Brian Pearce

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Hi all,

Just wanted an opinion... Basically I have been told that if I want the
MM Subject to ru at Cert II and Cert III next year, I will need to have
combined class - or the Cert II class will not run.

Considering the new training package, and then teaching old the Cert III
course as well, what are some other people's feelings about doing
this... Am
I crazy to accept it? Obviously I want both classes to run, so that
will be a class next year too... But wondering if I should have my head




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