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Ana Tuckerman atuckerman at elthamcollege.vic.edu.au
Thu May 29 08:54:02 EST 2008

Andy they are fantastic,
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Great minds think alike an last week I also started a T shirt Project.
My guys are just using it for Create, manipulate and incorporate 2D graphics and Incorporate text into multimedia presentations.
They are going to get theirs printed and then wear them in the school fashion parade in June.
We are printing them at
$25 each and the kids are paying (benefits of working at a private school with cashed up kids)
They can print from a psd with a transparent background.

"Lucky Tee's utilises the latest in digital printing technology with the DTG Digital. 
The DTG system can print up to 630W x 460H (mm) and prints @ 360dpi x 2880dpi."

I will send photo's to the list when they are done. 

They are all really excited about the project.

Ana Tuckerman
Multimedia and Media Department
ELTHAM College of Education

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I've zipped a few sample assessment tasks that i've used (or intend to) with
my Cert II's.

I can claim originality (well at least it's my own work) only on the t-shirt
project. So, if you recognise your own hard work, rebranded as mine, please
accept my sincerest flattery.

And if you feel like refining (or indeed validating) these tasks, please
offer your thoughts.

I have one of those unpleasant audits looming.

andy gray

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