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ARNOTT Suz SA at emc.vic.edu.au
Wed May 14 12:47:03 EST 2008

Hey Ana, great you were able to go, (very jealous, as I wasn't able to
go :( )

And thanks heaps for the links...
I have been to the roadshows in the past and they are always a great
resource... sounds like they have become even better :)


Suzanne Arnott
ICT Staff Support
Photography and Multimedia Coordinator
Elisabeth Murdoch College
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So guys,
I got to go to the Adobe roadshow today and i have to say i was
Adobe has put together a whole lot of resources for teacher that not
only teach the software, BUT ALSO THE PROCESS!!!!

They have two online at the moment,
One for visual communication (photoshop & indesign)
(Check out the powerpoint provided in Project 2 of the  visual design -
its great!) 

and one for web (dreamweaver and flash)

This is the type of stuff they include and I'm sure if i looked through
it i could map it to both the Cert 2 and 3.


In this project, students gather images from multiple sources (including
learning the basics of photography) then modify and optimize these
images to form a collage. This project contains student materials and a

Instructor materials
Student materials

Included in the student materials

* Adobe Photoshop CS3 Classroom in a Book excerpt: Getting to Know the
Work Area 
* Guide: How to scan images 
* Photoshop guide: How to correct color 
* Photoshop guide: How to retouch photos 
* Photoshop guide: How to generate different file formats 
* Photoshop guide: How to resize and crop images 
* Photoshop guide: How to use selection tools 
* Adobe Video Workshop: Combining images in Photoshop using Photomerge 
* Guide: Principles and rules of copyright 
* Acrobat guide: How to use the Acrobat 8 interface and basic navigation

* Acrobat guide: How to create a PDF 


Ana Tuckerman
Multimedia and Media Department
ELTHAM College of Education

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