[vet-mm] Cert III - first time

Susan Bell Susan.Bell at wesleycollege.net
Fri Jan 11 09:27:11 EST 2008

You might be intererested in the PD day that we are running at Pixeled
called Gear Up. This day will take you through the Certificate II and
Certificate III course and is run by experienced multimedia teachers. If
you go to our website at you will find a booking form.

We are confirming dates and venues at the moment but you will get some
idea from the brochure of what we can offer.
Regards, Sue

>>> symon30 at hotmail.com 01/10/08 1:31 PM >>>

Hello all,
I am another newbie  teaching Cert 3 Multimedia in 2008 as well as Cert
2. After receiving the below email from Mike i was hoping to be included
(CCd) in the sharing of information regarding Cert3 and any Cert2 info. 
Any advice and useful links would be greatly appreciated. (Examples of
visual diary layouts if possible).
My email address is symon30 at hotmail.com
Simon Finn

Hi, I know it's early - I hope people are having a lovely holiday. I
have taught Cert II for the last 2 years, but am now teaching Cert III
(MM) for the first time. I have a reasonable idea of the training
package requirements, but need help with a few helpful links for
resources including: programming tutorials/lesson structuring, and
especially ideas about how students should set out visual diary/digital
portfolio for scored assessment. I teach at Fawkner SC. My students
have a low skill level (and personal discipline) - so I really need
basic building block type help for certificate qualification and
pointers for the 1 or 2 students who may be tempted to increase their
enter score. If anyone could email me a few helpful links, that would
be nice. My email is: mikeportley at hotmail.com 

Kind regards,

Michael Portley
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