[vet-mm] exam statistics

claire claire at warrandytehigh.vic.edu.au
Tue Feb 26 19:11:43 EST 2008

Hi Folks,
I just noted Mark Kelly's msg to the ITA list and thought it was worth 
letting VET MM teachers know as well, just in case you hadn't been given 
the data.

> I just received the breakdown of my kids' marks for each 2007 ITA and 
> SD exam question, compared to the state average. ...
> Interesting reading. 
> Visit your VASS manager soon for your copy :-)

I have also been given stats showing how my kids did in VET MM compared 
to what the GAT predicts they should do. Because most of my cert 3 kids 
are actually in year 11, last year was the first time they had to do the 
GAT and the first time I've seen these stats. Exactly how ability (or 
lack of ) in the GAT relates to performance in VET MM, I'm not entirely 
There are also stats on how your SAC results went after the statistical 
wand is waved over them!

Happy number crunching.
Claire Bloom
Warrandyte High

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