[vet-mm] Randomise Actionscript - Thanks!

Kevork Krozian Kroset at novell1.fhc.vic.edu.au
Thu Dec 4 10:01:07 EST 2008

Hi Travis,

 It's great that it works for you.
The AS 2.0 to 3.0 migration is causing anxiety for many teachers. Perhaps we can work on building some help, resources, worksheets and tasks 
for those who want to migrate or for those who want to learn AS for the first time and prefer to jump into AS3.0.
 I have already posted my teaching notes, sample tasks and references on the Junior IT site on edulists.com.au mainly for Yr 10 programming rather than MM, however all samples, resources and help would be great for all those out there in this situation. My tasks have a mixture of AS2.0 and AS3.0 rather than translating between them. But the difference is well illustrated with the samples.

 You can either send sample work through the list or email to me directly on kevork at edulists.com.au for posting on the vet-mm site and/or juniorIT and/or edugames etc 

Best Wishes

Kevork Krozian
IT Manager , Forest Hill College
k.krozian at fhc.vic.edu.au
Mobile: 0419 356 034

>>> "Travis Parker" <tparker at sjrc.melb.catholic.edu.au> 4/12/2008 9:00 am >>>

Rob, Kevork, Claire,

Thanks so much for your help on that one - It works great! I'm writing the
course by looking at the exam and fitting in all of the questions into
particular units and making worksheets that fit so not sure if that's the
best approach but so far has been ok.
As for teaching Actionscript 3.0 - The reason is that I taught it in Cert
II and the exam seems to be either pseudocode or flowcharts. I might give
someone at the VCAA a call on this one. Also, Actionscript 3.0 is
object-oriented, which seems to be more easily picked up by students
(Particularly those doing software development) that Actionscript 2, which
was more of a procedural language.

Hope to see you all on Friday the lucky 13th of Feb!


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